Beer Taps


We are proud to bring you high-quality, carefully crafted, delicious beer from the heart of the Green Mountain state. Take a look at our flagships, seasonal offerings, and beer series, and check out our home page to see what we currently have available. Cheers!


VBM-Pebble (1).jpg


5.2% ABV

Verd is a hoppy tribute to the IPA culture in the Green Mountain State. The generous use of three hop varieties carried by a soft malt backbone makes this an assertive, yet smooth and refreshing IPA.


8% ABV

A luxuriously fruity New England Double IPA. Pebble is generously hopped with Cashmere and Mosaic. Close your eyes and let this beer take you to a tropical wonderland.


4% ABV

A harmonious combination of German and American brewing traditions make for a sophisticated Pilsner style lager. Feather showcases a carefully orchestrated balance of six different malts, accompanied by fresh German Tettang hops.


Shadows Can Mock.jpg
VBM-Scarlet Can Mock.jpg


Pumpernickel Rye Sour

4.1% ABV

Our kettle-soured rye ale, brewed in collaboration with our friends from Hermit Thrush Brewery. Tart, spicy, slightly earthy; and with a nose of citrus and honey. This beer is dark, complex, and mysterious - perfect for shorter days and cold nights!

Change with the Leaves

5.5% ABV

Our roasty and creamy brown ale. A balanced blend of roasted malts creates flavor impressions of roasted walnuts, dried fruits, and cream. We hope you enjoy this beer as the environment around you changes.


6.7% ABV

Dark, robust, roasty, and smooth. All the things you could want in a delicious stout. We've added a good portion of maple syrup from our friends at Viking Farms in Guilford, Vermont, to set this beer over the top. 


5% ABV

Introducing our red ale, Scarlet. A decadent and flavorful red ale. This beer is malty and roasty, with impressions of dried fruit, bread, and caramel. We hope you enjoy this English-style ale brewed in the Green Mountain State.

Innovation Series


Innovation 1

4.7% ABV

We used a unique kettle sour culture from our friends at Hermit Thrush Brewery in Brattleboro to create the refreshing and complex tartness that compliments a blend of Brazilian and pink guava fruits. This ale brings forward a delightfully natural tropical fruit character, carried by a soft malt body.

Apex Series

Apex Mansfield Can Mock.jpg

Apex 1: Mansfield

7.2% ABV

Introducing the first of the Apex Series, Mansfield. This series allows us to explore different recipes and techniques to create delicious, innovative IPAs. Named after the largest peak in the Green Mountain State, Mansfield is hopped with 2020 crops of Centennial, El Dorado, and Idaho 7. Tasting notes of orange, citrus fruits, and floral aromas. Enjoy the first of many delicious IPAs as part of our Apex Series.